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AV1 from Alliance for Open Media: Google, Mozilla,, Cisco, ...

Updated 6 hours ago

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Formally verified microkernel: Will it replace Linux on GNU systems? (mirror)

Updated 1 week ago

Experimental OS from Russia: "userland" but also contains kernel code

Updated 3 months ago

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The next-generation video codec for the Web (mirror)

Updated 10 months ago

The Ultimate Minimalistic Web Framework that does Nothing Magic™ (PHP version)

Updated 1 year ago

My "Blog" links point here

Updated 3 years ago

Firefox add-ons.

Updated 4 years ago

A strong, yet deterministic password generator forked from Jonathan Self's original proposition. Fulfills strong entropy requirements.

Updated 4 years ago

Parse PNG files in PHP

Updated 4 years ago

Parse MPEG-TS streams in PHP

Updated 4 years ago

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Color handling for web

Updated 4 years ago

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.onion address generator (archive)

Updated 4 years ago