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Weekly Peers Project Jams.

Every Friday around 19:00Z - 21:00Z, we meet on #peers to collaborate on active Peers projects. Everybody has the opportunity to ask for help with any open issues in their projects, and we work together to try to fix them.

Hymn by Digit.


  • self contained, because there is only so much that can be done in 1H
  • simple, that do not require a lot of previous knowledge to get started
  • those that favor discussion and collaboration


Bugs and features


  • Add more articles
  • find high quality, maintained, RDF datasets. Alternatively, convert high quality, maintained, non-RDF datasets to RDF. Worst scenario: make new dataset.
  • find free PDFs to be added to the DOKK Library


  • Plan for a time to play DMUX.
  • dragora: build dragora on a BSD system and report back to selk.


Original notes from project jam 2018-05-25.