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ForgeFed - Federation Protocol for Forge Services

ForgeFed is a federation protocol extending the W3C's ActivityPub protocol to provide a uniform server-to-server API for interoperability between networked version control services, with limited pub/sub access for messaging and notifications to and from the larger fediverse. It allows users of any ForgeFed-compliant service to interact with other ForgeFed-compliant forge services, without being a registered user of that foreign service, just as if they were. In this way, users that choose to self-host have the additional benefit/responsibility of fully controlling of their own authentication/identity and their own data.

All of the most common user interactions are supported such as: cloning/forking, merge-requests/patches, bug-reports/code-review, subscriptions/favorites with VCS-agnostic, service-agnostic, and client-agnostic genericity.

Work-group Collaboration

The formal work-group and associated development discussions are conducted openly on the ForgeFed Community Forum on the website; with informal, real-time Collaboration often taking place on the #peers IRC channel on freenode. Everyone is invited to participate in either venue. Before posting, please read this primer for a brief overview of the project motivation and goals.

The artifacts produced by this work-group are still in the early stages; and there is still much work to do, and ample design-space for discussion and contributions. In order to be most widely adopted, we strive to assemble the most diverse and representative group of stake-holders including: users, implementers, and various domain experts. Anyone who is experienced with working on an existing forge or a federated "social" service, or who is planning to implement new ones, and anyone with experience in writing technical specification documents, or has UX expertise is encouraged to join the work-group and/or contribute artifacts. Please submit any tangible contributions (artwork, software, documentation) and technical critique regarding the published artifacts to the ForgeFed issue tracker and ForgeFed wiki on NotABug, or the ForgeFed mirror on Pagure.

Projects participating in the discussions have included:


All artifacts produced by the ForgeFed work-group are freely available under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication. All contributions to the wiki must also be offered freely as such.