Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Leah Rowe bd51316792 build/release/src: don't auto-download tianocore 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 3e0bc7ded4 build/crossgcc: insert .coreboot-version 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 319b8c2cdc board/x301: add new board 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 47c0a34e88 board/d945gclf/cfg: re-do config 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe fda1716395 board/d510mo/cfg: re-do config 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 541fa28f6f board/d510mo/cfg: enable payload_grub_withseabios 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe aefa59d62e board/kfsn4-dre/cfg: re-do config. 1mb and 2mb roms available 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 06ca9ff736 board/g43t-am3/cfg: re-do configs. libgfxinit_txtmode only 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 5c330bbfda board/ga-g41m-es2l/cfg: re-do config. libgfxinit_txtmode only 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 6ac76b030c board/ga-g41m-es2l/cfg: enable payload_grub_withseabios 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 3461ae2618 don't include memtest by default. make it a board.cfg option 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe 0c83a9bf85 build/roms: re-do KCMA-D8 and KGPE-D16 configs 4 months ago
  Leah Rowe a7409b5f9e build: don't run the versioncheck script if running ./build dependencies 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 20ef8e4342 build/roms: Fix bug where on GRUB ROMs, GRUB was being inserted as img/grub2 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe b98481c64a Revert "build/grub: use coreboot's crossgcc toolchain to build GRUB" 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 73769f49ae build/grub: use coreboot's crossgcc toolchain to build GRUB 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 8ed1ee1b8c build/roms: insert .coreboot-version into coreboot, when building 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 23c73353d8 build/roms: for any given board, put *all* ROMs in the same directory 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 8942638f2d build/roms: Detect changes to resources/grub/config/grub.cfg and re-build 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 6a3f931ec2 grub.cfg: Add option for returning to SeaBIOS, when using SeaBIOS-with-GRUB 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 1e05d9af91 build/roms: support new build option: "payload_seabios_withgrub" 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 01f3209d9e build/roms: Greatly simplify logic for handling GRUB config files 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe e9b07f7349 build/roms: move "Done! Your ROMs are in bin/" printf to main script 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe ae437f7979 build/roms: in moverom(), don't mv the rom. copy it instead 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 27afaccba0 build/roms: Add support for "normal" setup (no vga/oprom init from coreboot) 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 57b7e3be9a build/roms: Completely re-factor the build logic. vgarom_vesafb is now a thing 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 8da012dd2b build/roms_helper: fix wrong variable name in make_seabios_rom() 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 22c61b8d24 build/roms_helper: remove unused variable 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe 659e5c01f4 build/roms_helper: move check for grub files *out* of the mkgrubrom function 5 months ago
  Leah Rowe f79ccc593e build/roms_helped: re-factor insertion of SeaBIOS ELFs into a function 5 months ago