Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marq 8ff67e8e2a Fix patch reading and applying 9 years ago
  Marq 46576659b8 Rename to chunkCount and change default allocation 9 years ago
  Marq 8c24cdd41a Add .gitignore file for build artifacts 9 years ago
  Marq 8b5a1d331a Remove unnecessary include 9 years ago
  Marq 8a2e6027e4 Make ppf_init() global and chunk functions static 9 years ago
  Marq 93e433d32a Add optimization and cleanup Makefile 9 years ago
  Marq afd53e72f1 Remove unnecessary lppf.h 9 years ago
  Marq 8f2a71d4ad Convert lppf and libppf to C 9 years ago
  Marq 44f3685baa Remove lppf-0.1-rc1 README 9 years ago
  Marq 9f94c2dcf9 Remove unnecessary math library calls and includes 9 years ago
  Marq 06280fdcf4 Import lppf-0.1-rc1 16 years ago
  Marq fef762ec6a Import lppf-0.1b 16 years ago
  Marq 84e7698035 Import lppf-0.1a 17 years ago