Minetest mod that adds potions and brewing

Updated 1 hour ago

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Farming Redo for Minetest

Updated 22 hours ago

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Evil POSIX CD burning sh script

Updated 2 weeks ago

SlackBuilds for Slackware Current.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Git SlackBuilds for Slackware Current.

Updated 1 month ago

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Posix shell function for finding executable files in the $PATH

Updated 3 months ago

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Plait command-line jukebox

Updated 1 year ago

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Linux PPF patcher

Updated 1 year ago

Adds recipes for returnmirror and teletool.

Updated 2 years ago

Binaries required by guix for bootstrapping.

Updated 2 years ago

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day man, aa-aaaahhhhh. savior of the glare by css. day m~ oh right. it is nightman, not dayman. ... i just like the dayman song better.

Updated 3 years ago

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various projects related to the distro/ug "witch". if weight of a duck, BURN 'EM!

Updated 4 years ago