Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  orbea eca2a00461 doc: Document posh support. 2 years ago
  orbea 947d67331f Revert "burncd: Exit with no music files earlier." 4 months ago
  orbea b123b6aa28 Update LICENSE. 1 year ago
  orbea a47d6efeaf man: Set .Nm only once. 10 months ago
  orbea 5499fd815a burncd: Implement --version. 1 year ago
  orbea 123a1dd7ad burncd: Implement --dry-run. 1 year ago
  orbea b10f0339d9 burncd: Rename DEV and TMP. 10 months ago
  orbea 28d3ca3fb5 burncd: Set DEV and TMP as arguments. 2 years ago
  orbea 0da04939f9 burncd: Set the project name once. 10 months ago
  orbea 56c1f51a1a burncd: Use stderr for errors and warnings only. 10 months ago
  orbea f06c507444 burncd: Don't reorder the tracks with only 1 audio format. 8 months ago
  orbea 76dc05a8b3 burncd: Improve loop. 10 months ago
  orbea e3e3eb8107 burncd: Clean up. 1 year ago
  orbea c2a9585203 burncd: Fix off by one. 10 months ago
  orbea 0404924003 burncd: Warn when files do not have read permissions. 2 years ago
  orbea 06c79caafd burncd: Exit with no music files earlier. 1 year ago
  orbea e0264209b5 burncd: Skip excluded audio files sooner. 1 year ago
  orbea 0b80828340 burncd: Set the final list of audio formats sooner. 1 year ago
  orbea 38481c3727 burncd: Error if cdrecord does too. 2 years ago
  orbea ae4bb141e7 burncd: Add some verbose output. 2 years ago
  orbea 818318856d burncd.1: Update e-mail. 1 year ago
  orbea 65ea1e05bd burncd: Fix the track order with multiple audio formats. 1 year ago
  orbea 29508e93b4 burncd: Fix the -e and -f command line options. 2 years ago
  orbea 3d1d28f2c9 burncd: Fix script for zsh. 2 years ago
  orbea 083fd455ef burncd: Test for existing files in $TMP earlier. 1 year ago
  orbea 4c41f3a18d burncd: Refactor argument handler. 1 year ago
  orbea ccb331aece burncd: Refactor file loop. 1 year ago
  orbea b9f8f4ad13 burncd: Simplify the escape function. 2 years ago
  orbea 77b96bc742 burncd: Use a full path for file. 1 year ago
  orbea bee2fc9fb7 burncd: Add a function to test for empty variables. 2 years ago