Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  orbea e6d42a7685 games/pcsx2: disable wayland 4 months ago
  orbea a4d5346802 games/pcsx2: remove outdate patch 4 months ago
  orbea a0ac2d72f0 jgemu/geolith: Renamed from geolith 1 year ago
  orbea f49d9778a0 games/jgemu/meldonds: Added 1 year ago
  orbea c68665c5b0 tools/dxvk: Update to version 1.10.2 1 year ago
  orbea 6daa05bdb7 games/jgemu/gambatte: Update build 1 year ago
  orbea f235176c27 games/pcsx2: Rebase patch 2 years ago
  orbea 513c2e1b6d games/jgemu/gngeo: Added 2 years ago
  orbea a958cfea6e tools/dxvk: Updated for version 1.10.1. 2 years ago
  orbea 5dee889959 tools/vkd3d-proton: Added 2 years ago
  orbea 27652b9efc tools/dxvk: Updated for 1.10 2 years ago
  orbea 0fcf6ed765 tools/dxvk: Updated for 1.9.4 2 years ago
  orbea 6a224f33f4 Update LICENSE 2 years ago
  orbea 66c4a1a767 games/jgemu/bsnes: Remove -fopenmp 2 years ago
  orbea 5de0ed437f games/jgemu/mesens: Removed 2 years ago
  orbea 095f54ca17 games/mupen64plus/angrylion-rdp-plus: Use the cmake install 2 years ago
  orbea b699bc361b games/Play-: Addded 2 years ago
  orbea 84b6203d09 games/pcsx2: Revert upstream commit 2 years ago
  orbea e5079ace1d games/mupen64plus/GLideN64: Use the cmake install 2 years ago
  orbea 6a8d345778 functions: Strip with the cmake install/strip target 2 years ago
  orbea 43364aebbd functions: Add a NOUPDATE env variable 2 years ago
  orbea f6dc947b9f games/flycast: Added 2 years ago
  orbea ee6857ccb0 functions: Rename _install functions 2 years ago
  orbea d5e2f1009a tools/dxvk: Add space 2 years ago
  orbea 2a2dc53ae2 functions: Allow overriding BLDFLAGS with DEBUG=1 2 years ago
  orbea 15b339ccdd functions: Remove the 2nd argument from _flags 2 years ago
  orbea 7bcbc17ad0 games: Fix _make argument order 2 years ago
  orbea 3a4093f75f games/mupen64plus: Add a _m64make wrapper function 2 years ago
  orbea d2de0128f8 functions: Allow merging git patches 2 years ago
  orbea 1fbd6dffc7 games/pcsx2: Fix documentation install path 2 years ago