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galbash - Create pure HTML galleries with bash

If you call this script without arguments, it will look for images in the current folder, create thumbnails & HTML files in subfolders $thumbs and $data and an index.html in the current folder.

Thus, the image files are in the gallery's base folder, still easily accessible by other means, and everything else is neatly tucked away.


  • imagemagick's convert
  • grep, cat
  • bash


If there is a file called annotations in the same folder as the original images, it will be parsed to add (short) annotations to the individual images' HTML files. The format is as follows: imagefilename.ext: Some Annotation Text Meaning: At the immediate beginning of the line (no leading whitespace), the name of the file, followed by a colon ':' (again, no space), followed by a single space. Everything after that until the end of the line is the annotation.


The repository provides a gallery.css file, and I highly recommend you use it! The resulting HTML does not use any javascript, and the CSS is an integral part of the functionality. The script will be looking for ~/.config/galbash/gallery.css and copy it to the appropriate folder, but you can also do that manually.


-s dir     the source directory
           Default: $source

-d dir     the destination directory (will be created)
           Default: $dest

-b string  where the back button will take the visitor
           Default: $back

-t int     Size of thumbnails in pixels. minimum: 10
           Default: $thumbsize

-f string  the format extension for thumbnails
           Default: $thumbformat

-F string  where the favicon is

-T string  The title of the gallery.
           Default: $title

-n         Do not wrap from last image to first and vice versa
           Default: false, i.e. wrapping is enabled

-N         Do not create an index page with thumbnails
           Default: false, i.e. a thumbpage is created

-k         Create symbolic links instead of copying the original files.
           This has no effect if source and destination are the same.
           Default: Copy

-h         Display this help

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