A high-performance functional library for Fennel.

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Lispy-Fennel (LF) is a high performance functional library for Fennel with the goal of being simple, reliable, and easy-to-use.


  • Lua 5.3
  • Fennel
  • make



To create the lispy-fennel.lua file, run:



To copy the file into the stand Lua 5.3 directory, run:

make install


LF is broken up into modules that can be required in your Fennel program. Here is a brief explanation of each:


str is the string module. It is an addition to the standard Lua string library. It contains useful functions such as split, that allows you to split a string by based on another string; take, that returns a substring between the first character and whatever index you pass; and drop, that returns a substring from the cdr of whatever index you pass.


list is the list module. It contains functions that are specific for list and cannot be used on tables. It contains useful functions such as append, which takes 2 lists and puts them together; last, which returns the last element in the list; and reverse, that reverses the order of the list.


tbl is the table module. It contains function that are specific for tables and lists. This is a rather small module but has functions such as find, for checking if a value is in a table, and empty?, to check is a table is empty.


iteration is a module that contains all your favorite iterators that aren't found in Fennel. For example: map, filter, filter-map, and reduce.


Copyright © 2020 Kevin "The Nuclear" Bloom

Released under the MIT license