A simple, fast, and free/libre Bible app for KaiOS

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Libre Bible

A simple, fast, and free/libre Bible application for KaiOS.


This application is a fork of https://github.com/user18130814200115-2/User-s-bible. Thank you to user18130814200115-2 for providing the base of this application.

The most of the Bible is taken from https://plaintextbible.wordpress.com/, which uses the King James version. Some of the Apocrypha was taken from https://ebible.org/eng-kjv/.

Included Books

This app contains all books in the New/Old Testament and Apocrypha. They are all saved locally so that no internet is needed to read. Since they're saved in plain text, the bundle size shouldn't be that large.


  • Book Search
  • Font Size
  • Chapter Read Mode
  • Save location (local storage)
  • Select verse(s)
  • Favorites
  • Theme (Dark/Light)
  • Add Ecclesiasticus/Sirach
  • Share
  • Bible-wide searching
  • KaiOS 3 support (if needed)


Copyright © 2020 user18130814200115-2

Copyright © 2021 Kevin "The Nuclear" Bloom

All code released under the 2-Clause BSD license.

KJV translation is under the Public Domain.