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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

[1.0.0] - 2020-05-28


  • find config.php automatically in current and parent directories. Show error message if not found.
  • use local CSS/JS instead of CDN
  • detect missing imap extension and config error
  • refactoring to simplify routing


  • JSON API (json-api.php), this feature would better fit in a separate project.

[0.2.1] - 2018-07-01

Breaking Changes

  • added $config['locale']. See config.sample.php - you have to set it.


  • new layout & design with more whitespace and more explanations.
  • Show dates in local and relative format.

[0.2.0] - 2018-06-16


  • Show list of mails and show them only on click.
  • Removed Turbolinks to allow for simpler code in new features. Add new mail alert.
  • Rewrote to use mostly pure php. Uses Javascript only where it’s necessary.
  • fixed problem where only one domain is defined
  • fix: restore focus on reload
  • #33 improve button style
  • fixed bug where html in plaintext emails are interpreted as html.
  • changed footer style
  • refactored code into multiple php files.
  • Requires PHP version >=7.2
  • make all addresses lowercase #30
  • fixed error when downloading email


  • better horizontal spacing for header (from @Spegeli) and style
  • improved validation of user input
  • Added $config['prefer_plaintext'] = true; Prefer HTML or Text and removed toggle buttons.
  • Added multiple domain support #21
  • Blacklist some usernames, configurable #27
  • copyToClipboard button #30
  • mail counter in title
  • rest api option

[0.1.4] - 2017-04-15


  • Improved styling using card layout
  • Changed license to GPL-3.0 in order to allow commercial use and advertisement.

[0.1.3] - 2017-03-24


  • new nicer login form
  • layout optimized (show html now on the right)
  • tell user that mails will be deleted


  • set delete period in config