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  nipos 9c75289df7 Change links to new maintainer 3 years ago
  Aravindo Wingeier 32edf54eda Feature/removed router (#83) 4 years ago
  synox 38e1d4fd42 CHANGE: detect missing imap extension and config error 4 years ago
  synox 727c41f207 CHANGE: use local files instead of CDN 4 years ago
  Aravindo Wingeier 8590e36394 fix #71 find config.php automatically in current and parent directori… (#74) 4 years ago
  Synox d86adfc950 Release 0.2.1, Show Date in title 4 years ago
  Aravindo Wingeier 567459626d Feature/new layout (#59) 5 years ago
  Synox e4652ff62d RELEASE 0.2.0 5 years ago
  Aravindo Wingeier 7d2b6eb0fb Implement closed-by-default email list. #54 (#57) 5 years ago
  Synox 9dc18841fd switched to manual reload to allow new features 5 years ago
  Synox 75ed103d17 created JSON API, TODO: refactor 5 years ago
  Aravindo Wingeier 33dedf0368 Feature/refactor imap client (#48) 5 years ago
  Synox 6572548b58 fixed bug where html in plaintext emails are interpreted as html. 5 years ago
  Synox b1de900ce4 add mail counter in title 5 years ago
  Synox 71582e235d #33 improve button style 5 years ago
  Synox 9f6c762c18 fix #34 and #32: display HTML or Text by default. 5 years ago
  Synox d60228b177 format 5 years ago
  Synox 315f96af4c changelog 5 years ago
  Synox 1617e8c35a changelog 5 years ago
  Synox d15ff68195 update readme 5 years ago
  Synox 589e0f5026 fix #21: multi domain support 5 years ago
  Synox 5c6973ef8f License: GPL-3.0 6 years ago
  Synox 1e53392381 release 0.1.4 6 years ago
  Synox e92a92d16b License: GPL-3.0 6 years ago
  synox 05f79f7cfb Feature/card design (#22) 6 years ago