JPEG2000 GdkPixbuf loader

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JPEG2000 Pixbuf Loader

This is a GdkPixbuf loader module for JPEG2000. It uses OpenJPEG to load JPEG2000 images as linear buffers in memory.

Note: by default there's already some JPEG2000 support in GdkPixbuf, but that uses the JasPer image library, which only support certain parts of the JPEG2000 standard, meaning certain images don't work.


Option 1. Compiling

meson build && cd build && ninja install

Alternatively, specifically for arch:

meson --prefix=/usr --buildtype=plain build && meson compile -C build && sudo meson install -C build

Option 2. Arch linux / AUR:

sudo aura -A jp2-pixbuf-loader -x

Copying / License

Copyright © 2020 Nichlas Severinsen

This loader module is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1; LGPLv2.1. also see COPYING

OpenJPEG is licensed under the 2-clauses BSD License.



Build project then generate

gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > ../tests/

Run tests:

ninja test or meson test --print-errorlogs

Run tests with gdb:

meson test --gdb

Run tests with valgrind:

meson test --verbose --print-errorlogs --wrap='valgrind --leak-check=full'

Run a specific test:

meson test basic --print-errorlogs


  • Better tests
  • Tests and testfiles for sYCC422 and sYCC444
  • Support for e-YCC? Need testfiles
  • Support for cielab? Need testfiles
  • icc profile?
  • Implement image_save;
  • Implement image_stop_load;
  • Implement image_begin_load;
  • Implement image_load_increment;
  • Implement image_save_to_callback;