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Simple Woodcutter


This mod chops the whole tree if you are holding an axe.

The chopping process stops if:

  • You are too far away from the target (40 blocks by default)
  • You take the axe out of your hand
  • Your axe is destroyed
  • You are dead
  • You are out of the game
  • You are holding ctrl or shift key down (this behavior can be reversed in settings)


  • Super simple (~50 lines of code with extra features, translations and settings, but core functionality is just 10-15 lines).
  • Compatible with any game or mod
  • Works fine with huge trees (increase max_distance and max_radius if needed)
  • Recognizes trees and tools by their group, so it does not require any configuration
  • I you don't have the lumberjack permission (in multiplayer game), trees will be cut 100 times slower (you can change the default delay in settings)

Latest update notes

Since version 1.2.0, chopping trees is performed with a new, more accurate algorithm that handles trees of all sizes and shapes! 🎉

This mod was created in Minetestia Forge.

All my mods uses Minetest LSP-API annotations, StyLua and Luacheck.