Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Buesch e2b48f58fb Bump version 3 years ago
  Grant Miller 83236d888a udev: Only rescan if the removed device is from Razer 3 years ago
  Michael Buesch 066d476fb3 razerd: Rate limit main loop, if any socket operation failed 3 years ago
  Michael Buesch b791c13dbe Update dates 3 years ago
  Michael Buesch d2ad46c380 razerd: Avoid fast infinite loop, if select failed. 3 years ago
  Grant Miller a2f9b86e11 Close client fd on disconnect 3 years ago
  Michael Buesch 3e2cf01bdc Bump version 4 years ago
  ChillerDragon ffc17e58d5 Update copyright notice to 2019 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 688a6e7c15 Fix out-of-tree-build problem 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch ab19574a41 Transform all remaining /var/run paths to /run 4 years ago
  Michael Buesch 4751ae3679 Add tmpfiles.d 4 years ago
  Daniel M. Capella 694f0e928f CMake defaults to 644 permissions 5 years ago
  Daniel M. Capella fa85551105 Add tmpfile.conf 5 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 3d0e33cde8 razercfg.desktop: add Comment field 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch dbae0da062 Deactivate Lachesis 5600 support 5 years ago
  Luca Weiss 59a530d945 Add the working directory to sys.path to fix out-of-tree builds 5 years ago
  rainbowjose d17e48ba5f Add support for 1532:0038 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 1b70de1e14 debian: Update debhelper 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 65f9cdb8b2 ui: Move generated files to CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch c4cef835e6 Merge branch 'consolidate-ui' of 5 years ago
  Daniel M. Capella 4938066c62 Consolidate UI 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 42cfd0fcbb Avoid possible snprintf truncation warnings 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 7143567421 cmake: Remove CMP0005 OLD 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 86c30dc4fd debian: Update changelog 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch a97dd557f3 Bump version 5 years ago
  Michael Buesch 598b8d1da0 Update to PyQt5 5 years ago
  Luca Boccassi c88634487f Debian: add all authors in debian/copyright 6 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 23e5e04ff2 Debian: change qrazercfg[-applet] arch to all 6 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 9bca7ec86c Debian: bump year range in d/copyright to 2017 6 years ago
  Luca Boccassi b4be0bd3cf Debian: use HTTPS in d/copyright (Policy 4.0.0) 6 years ago