Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Buesch 247ebd902e chroma: Avoid compiler warning 6 years ago
  Barthelemy Delemotte 2eee3cdbff Increase supported resolution of Mouse:MambaTE to 16000dpi 6 years ago
  Michael Buesch 4aa61df2af Bump version 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch ce574d412a Ensure NUL termination of serial strings 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 9344c68cdb Merge 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 32ca0fc4f8 Add option to build a static librazer and use it for Debian 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 1d61ad829a Debian: remove shlibs:Depends from Python packages 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 78688480cf Debian: build-depend on systemd and udev for pkgconfig 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi b8d17bd0d3 Debian: override dh_clean to remove python build files 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 472eb26f89 Sysv init: add dependency to $remote_fs in init script 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 4f34e9cec3 Debian: add dependency to lsb-base >= 3.0-6 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 15512fd1bc Debian: set git/homepage metadata in d/control 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 4e6d9f4f6a Debian: set standards-version field in d/control 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 15404ae3bf Debian: fill copyright file 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi c580f13645 Debian: do not override debhelper's C/CXX/LDFLAGS 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 5c20261c31 Debian: use debhelper's built-in CMake support 7 years ago
  Luca Boccassi 26862a3e70 systemd: don't fork razerd in the background 7 years ago
  Marcus Weinhold 532d8e463b included Diamondback config in razer.conf 7 years ago
  Marcus Weinhold d3360e8e9d raised maximum dpi to 16000 7 years ago
  Marcus Weinhold f43d2963fe Added basic support for Diamondback Chroma using Mamba TE as template 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch dc87168b4a Bump version 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch e6fa8b5cff debian: Add Python deps 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 45e7594885 Move daemon reload to after daemon install 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch ccbe85de7c debian: Disable system daemon restart on install 7 years ago
  Adrian Haider 85ced08825 Added icon to launcher 7 years ago
  Johan Heikkila 806c636020 Fix for rpmbuild. Closes issue mbuesch/razer/issues/87 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 2283db18ef razerd: Fix unaligned access of 16 bit values 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 65023664b8 Enable sanitizers on debugging mode 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 2f71daba52 Bump version 7 years ago
  Michael Buesch 3492f2b1de copperhead: Relax hw config sanity checks 7 years ago