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pyprofibus - PROFIBUS-DP stack

pyprofibus is an Open Source `PROFIBUS-DP `_ stack written in Python.

`pyprofibus home `_

`Git repository `_

`Github repository `_


pyprofibus is able to run on any machine that supports Python. It also runs on embedded machines such as the `Raspberry Pi `_ or even tiny microcontrollers such as the `ESP32 `_ (Micropython).

Please read the hardware documentation for more information:

`pyprofibus hardware documentation `_

Speed / Baud rate

The achievable Profibus-DP speed depends on the hardware that it runs on and what kind of serial transceiver is used. There is no software side artificial limit.

Please see the `pyprofibus hardware documentation `_


pyprofibus comes with a couple of examples that can teach you how to use pyprofibus in your project.

* Example that runs pyprofibus without any hardware. This example can be used to play around with pyprofibus.
* examples/
* examples/example_dummy_oneslave.conf
* examples/
* examples/example_dummy_twoslaves.conf
* examples/
* examples/example_dummy_inputonly.conf

* Example that runs pyprofibus as master connected to an ET200S as slave.
* examples/
* examples/example_et200s.conf

* Example that runs pyprofibus as master connected to an S7-315-2DP as *slave*.
* examples/
* examples/example_s7-315-2dp.conf


* `Python `_ 3.5 or later.
* Or alternatively `Micropython `_. Please see the `pyprofibus Micropython help `_ for more information.


Copyright (c) 2013-2024 Michael Büsch

Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, or (at your option) any later version.