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Michael Buesch a280d3fcb2 pokedisks: Add one more disk type 4 days ago
4094sniffer 217a0eb4db Initial commit 10 years ago
avrmakelib 107bdb2d73 avrmakelib: Update 7 months ago
bin2iso 2edcb5f10c Update .gitignore 9 years ago
connect c6ad127c73 connect: Switch to bluetoothctl 4 years ago
dvd2ogm 101595c9b0 Remove legacy stuff 1 year ago
dyndns-update 0cffce73b3 dyndns-push: Fix executable bit 4 months ago
execonkp b7ec8c8e35 Add execonkp 4 years ago
gamestats 19256aead4 Rename gamestats directory 9 years ago
gccom f48193e6b8 gccom: Fix login procedure 9 years ago
helperscripts a280d3fcb2 pokedisks: Add one more disk type 4 days ago
iptables-rules 65fe5d0e3a Add iptables-rules 1 year ago
levelshift 625f0fd02c levelshift: Update 4 years ago
spreadsheets 6ca49e820c Add spreadsheets/gauss.ods 3 years ago
stdiobufhack 21e68bd373 stdiobufhack: Avoid possible recursion 9 years ago
timeshift 7d7ed07144 timeshift: Add wrapper script for win 7 months ago
udev 62e92fd567 udev: Add android rules 7 months ago
.gitignore 07889edc81 timeshift: Add android build 8 months ago
Xresources db71f29c35 Xresources: Update XTerm colors 3 years ago 99541d0c4c Add calclambda 6 years ago
firefox-config 25f56933da firefox-config: Add another stupid option 1 year ago f8b8de45e2 fmtstick: Force umount, if mounted 10 years ago 4d8514329e Add loc2coords helper script 9 years ago 217a0eb4db Initial commit 10 years ago
makerelease.lib 6d1849b683 makerelease.lib: Add info to upload 5 days ago 956f15e474 multiscan: Ignore error message 7 years ago 43fbc5bbb0 mysmartusb: Add version reading support 7 years ago 217a0eb4db Initial commit 10 years ago bf8d885026 splitdiff: Fix handling of headers 6 years ago 32cc023a52 Add puzzle solver: Teufelsknoten 10 months ago
tmux.conf 300d0733de Add tmux.conf 5 years ago 7cc165ce34 Add hack to try-apply patches 10 years ago
vimrc f174b320e7 vimrc: Select colorscheme 3 years ago