• LibreFlix v1.2 (lets be libre)
    2019-01-01 8 Open 8 Closed

    Our milestone to the end of February with new features to LIbreFlix website. Fixing all little things left behind in the previous versions (0.x - this would be a media center; 1.0 - university project; 1.1 - awesome, people liked it too).

    Too there, it's would be cool to have implemented (ordered by importance):

    • The player working with web torrent
    • The player working with Vimeo videos
    • Add the field with the Licenses (if there is) in which film was released.
    • Create the page for each film. With information about the film, crew, official website, more images, and comments!
    • Crop for the upload
    • Feedback for the uploaders of films with status of their production.
    • Better organization (categories, tags, and more) of the films.