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This repository is obsolete

This is the old Git repository for Libreboot. You can still see the old files. Browse them here:\

When cloning this repository, go into it and do this:

git reset --hard 149273c6742aeed14ec1aaca019f552cfb109457

This old repository was too cluttered. Build system, website, images, documentation etc were all in the same repository. Libreboot has been split up into new repositories:

About lbmk

This is the build system in libreboot. You could say: lbmk is libreboot!

Libreboot was forked into a new project called osboot:

Unlike libreboot, osboot permits binary blobs. Osboot was then forked into a new branch (in its Git repository), called libre, which you can see here:

The libre branch of osboot has the same policy as Libreboot: zero binary blobs.

The new lbmk repository for Libreboot was forked from osboot-libre, at Git revision 20ef8e43421b3c9bc6c34084530ee35b49fdf76d which you can see in the osboot-libre branch:


osboot and osboot-libre are both lead by Leah Rowe, as is Libreboot. Leah is the founder of all these projects.


  • osboot permits binary blobs and is to be a rolling release distro of coreboot
  • osboot-libre has the same policy as libreboot: no binary blobs. However, osboot-libre is also intended to be a rolling release coreboot distro
  • Libreboot focuses on stable releases

Basically, Libreboot is intended to focus on coreboot stable releases, and backport patches inbetween releases. Whereas osboot and osboot-libre are to use coreboot HEAD (from coreboot master branch in its git repository) at all times.

Libreboot development by Leah Rowe resumed in December 2020, via osboot and then osboot-libre, with the intention of then moving it back into Libreboot.

On this day, 18 May 2021, the lbmk Git repository for libreboot looks like not much work was done to it. That's because it's a hard fork of osboot-libre.

To know what work was done, therefore you should look at the libre branch of osboot right up until commit 20ef8e43421b3c9bc6c34084530ee35b49fdf76d.