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  Leah Rowe 0896ad1c6d improve the soic8 jpg for g43t-am3 10 months ago
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  Leah Rowe 9f7d9c51ec shrink X200T photo to standard 500px width used by other photos 1 year ago
  Leah Rowe f4d1ad96c2 Add new photos showing how to replace WSON8 chip with SOIC8 1 year ago
  Leah Rowe 66849bf886 add numbers to pins on RPi GPIO header photo 1 year ago
  Leah Rowe 25f8f68cf2 X200T pics: remove the crappy photos (will be replaced) 1 year ago
  Leah Rowe afa759f89d new photo for rpi guide: soic8 socket 1 year ago
  Leah Rowe 639f71f6e9 add photos of SOP8 chip and SOP to DIP adapters, for D8/D16 guides 1 year ago
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