A strong, yet deterministic password generator forked from Jonathan Self's original proposition. Fulfills strong entropy requirements.

Updated 1 month ago

Notes and gists about learning how to do things only in the command-line in Linux

Updated 2 months ago

A list of alternative, privacy-respecting lightweight frontends to popular websites and services, including YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. A must-check for anyone who cares about privacy!

Updated 4 months ago

A script that configures everything that I need in to have a fresh Debian-ish server.

Updated 5 months ago

Generate unique twitter posts by random concatenation.

Updated 1 year ago

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Quick script to add VPNGate volunteer VPNs to NetworkManager

Updated 1 year ago

A series of tiny cryptography and RNG-based programs and scripts that I couldn't fit anywhere in my existing projects

Updated 2 years ago

Tool to download articles from Mr Money Mustache's blog, and turn it into a book

Updated 3 years ago

Templates and skeletons that can be quickly used and reused in Django-based projects. Also doubles as a personal knowledge repository.

Updated 4 years ago

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A command-line random password generator using just the commonly available Unix utilities. Can create several passwords at once.

Updated 4 years ago

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A command-line internet radio player script designed to work with mpg123

Updated 4 years ago

Create host-proof encrypted incremental backups from standard Unix command line utilities

Updated 4 years ago

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Download YouTube videos as mp3 music with this downloader tool, Cross-platform and only requires Python to get going!

Updated 4 years ago

A registry and bookmarker program for IPFS hashes, as currently there's no search mechanism for it. You store it manually and enter a description for yourself.

Updated 4 years ago

A local notebook app built with Unix tools. Will eventually encrypt the notes

Updated 4 years ago