Command line utility to build Django projects

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Command line utility to build Django projects


  • Async
  • Flexible


pip install build-django


build-django my_project --dir my_project_path  --debug --hosts localhost,, --python python3  --migrate --git --commit --commit-message "My first commit!" --packages bjcli djangorestframework

Argument Description Required Default Type
--version Show version and exit False False bool
--dir Django project directory False ./ str
--debug Should initialize env with DEBUG=True False False bool
--no-compile pip: Do not compile Python source files to bytecode False False bool
--hosts List of comma sperated Django ALLOWED_HOSTS values False '' str
--python Python command for initializing virtual environment. If not set, the Python used to run the program will be used False None str
--migrate Should apply initial migrations after project built False False bool
--git Should initialize git repository False False bool
--commit Should create initial commit after project built and git initialized False False bool
--commit-message Initial commit message False 'Initial commit' str
--packages List of additional pip packages to be installed False [] [str]
--use-ssl Enable SSL support for reverse proxy (production only) False False bool