A repo containing my own set of guix packages.

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This repo contains some of my personal packages using guix' channel mechanism.


These packages have not been upstreamed to guix proper for several reasons. Some of them might be non-free (RMS forgive me), others packaged in ways that do not fit the quality requirements of upstream.

Getting started

There are two ways of making use of these packages. The simplest would be to checkout this repo:

#+BEGIN_SRC sh git clone https://notabug.org/jlicht/guix-pkgs.git ~/guix-pkgs #+END_SRC

Then make sure your ~.profile~, ~.bash_profile~ or equivalent has the following line in it:


All normal guix commands should then have the new packages available.

Via the new channels mechanism

If you'd like to integrate these packages with the standard guix pull, make sure your guix version is more recent than 0.15. Then, add something like the following to ~$HOME/.config/guix/channels.scm~:

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme (cons (channel (name 'guix-pkgs) (url "https://notabug.org/jlicht/guix-pkgs.git")) %default-channels) #+END_SRC

Download all package definitions with the following command #+BEGIN_SRC sh guix pull #+END_SRC

Beware that the channels file might be removed in case of breakage or incompatibilities between upstream and this repo. If you do not want this to happen, it might make more sense to simply use the git checkout in combination with GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH