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Guix 'R Us

A Guix channel, maintained by the whereiseveryone community.

Project page here.


We hope everyone will volunteer and join us in a concerted global effort to give free computing and society the attention, help, and chance it needs to succeed.

We have to nurture a community that takes the responsibility and compassion to pass down and share exceptional education and technology to those who might push free society forward into the next generations of the post-digital era.

The odds are against us if we don't.

Guix is the tool for this arduous work.


The goals of this channel are to provide packages and services that are:

  • Yet to be merged upstream.
  • In alpha or beta stage of development.
  • Customized to certain use-cases.
  • Nightly releases.


Send patches to ~whereiseveryone/

Please note that we only accept 100% free software.

jgart, unmatched-paren, and/or raghavgururajan can review patches and merge them.

Reach out if you would like to help us with reviewing code.

Note: Make sure you use #:prefix rus: when importing (guixrus ...) modules, to avoid name collisions.

You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to ~whereiseveryone/


If you see anything in guixrus that you would like to upstream feel free to send it to

We just ask that you attribute any co-authors following guidelines for submitting patches to GNU Guix.

To see packages that have been marked for upstreaming use the following label: label:upstream.

Using git format-patch and git send-email

It is recommended to use git to create and send patches. Read more.

Common git arguments associated with guixrus are in .gitconfig file. You can make changes suggested in .gitconfig to your local .git/config like below.

$ git config --local include.path ../.gitconfig


Without Subscribing

Clone this repository and load its modules using Guix's load-path.

For example, to install guixrus-st, you could do the following:

git clone
cd guixrus
guix install -L . st-guixrus


Add this channel to your list of guix channels located at $HOME/.config/guix/channels.scm.

   (name 'guixrus)
   (url "")
      "CD2D 5EAA A98C CB37 DA91  D6B0 5F58 1664 7F8B E551")))))

Run guix pull to sync the channel's modules with your store.

With Guix Home

If using guix home add the following to your config:

(simple-service 'guixrus-service
                  (name 'guixrus)
                  (url ""))))


Discussion regarding this channel happens at #whereiseveryone on the Libera IRC network.

  • IRC users can connect to
  • XMPP users can use the IRC bridge at
  • Matrix users can use the IRC bridge at