Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jaidyn Levesque 116b0190d2 Remove pas as an ISA sound device 3 years ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 7a8a1d98bc Remove ISP from microcode 3 years ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 83c621644b Manpage tweaking, setlist tweaking 3 years ago
  Jaidyn Levesque c981d01ca5 New install.sub; update root.mail 4 years ago
  Einhard Leichtfuß 851f95c0d7 Replace spaces by tabs 5 years ago
  jadedctrl 824406ae78 Fixed sys_deblob 6 years ago
  jadedctrl c45db4414e Various fixes; mainly libdeblob bugfixing and sys_deblob tweaking 6 years ago
  jadedctrl 88d630422c Various fixes 6 years ago
  jadedctrl 60fa63ece6 Support for SRC_DIR argument 6 years ago
  Jade 6a40bb79f6 Various updates 6 years ago
  Jade Levesque 508a44c7dc Rebrand and deblob kernel 6 years ago