Jaidyn Levesque jadedctrl

Shell script for downloading lyrics from lyrics.wikia.com

Updated 20 hours ago

Library for easy TCP-server-making in Lisp.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Implementation of RFC 865: Quote of the Day Protocol.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Scripts for deblobbing and rebranding OpenBSD sources-- part of LibertyBSD.

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of the WikiReader Development Kit's repository

Updated 1 month ago

IPFS HTTP API bindings for Common Lisp.

Updated 4 months ago

An RSS/Atom parser for Common Lisp.

Updated 5 months ago

A UNIX-philosophy shell client for accessing and searching YouTube.

Updated 5 months ago

An IPFS-backed URL-shortener and file-host

Updated 6 months ago

Updated 9 months ago

Yet another Common Lisp string-manip library, yay!

Updated 10 months ago

The LibertyBSD project website.

Updated 10 months ago

Shell script for converting Unichat comic pages to ANSI-colored text files.

Updated 10 months ago

Shell script for downloading subtitles of a movie/video from OpenSubtitles.

Updated 10 months ago

Shell script for downloading music from Bandcamp

Updated 10 months ago