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Ikiwiki::Plugin::opengraph - Adds Open Graph tags on the html head


This plugin implements the Open Graph tags in the head of the hmtl for all pages, provided you configure it properly and add it to the current template. For more information on what is Open Graph, visit To test your site against the Open Graph rules, use the tool available on


WARNING: Open Graph is modern spyware. You should use this if and only if you don't mind making the readers of your wiki/blog being tracked by evil corporations without their consent. By using this plugin you are being mean to the people who are reading your content. You have been warned.


Put in ${HOME}/.ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/ or elsewhere in your @INC path. Or read


Add to the configuration in your blog.setup file.

	## Open Graph plugin
	# For more information, see
	# <>.
	# Default values for <>
	# obtained from <>
	# meta property="og:title"
	opengraph_title: "ikiwiki"
	# meta property="og:type"
	opengraph_type: "website"
	# meta property="og:url"
	opengraph_url: ""
	# meta property="og:image"
	opengraph_image: ""
	# meta property="og:description"
	opengraph_description: "Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler."

Add opengraph to the list of plugins:

	add_plugins: \[qw{goodstuff opengraph}\]


You will need to add the following code to page.tmpl on the current template. It must be in the section of the . I recommend puting it after the