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Twitter bootstrap theme for ikiwiki version 2

Forked from

(Tries to) use the last pre-compiled version of bootstrap from

What for?

This is used on ikiwiki blogs hosted at

You should install CaCert's certificates to use SSL on that site, get it on If you don't want to, you should use this link:


You should NOT clone this into ikiwiki. Ikiwiki already is a git repository. And submodules won't work as expected.

You should copy the file local.css and folders bootstrap, templates to your ikiwiki directory. Then rebuild the wiki:

git clone
cd ikiwiki-bootstrap-theme-2
rsync -r local.css bootstrap templates /path/to/ikiwiki/public_html/blog/
ikiwiki --refresh --wrappers --setup /path/to/ikiwiki/blog.setup


Original work from ramseydsilva has no LICENSE

Hacklab Independência's fork is Kopimi

Bootstrap is MIT and Twitter's copyright

See the LICENSE file on this repository.


This is being translated to brazilian portuguese because it is used on the Ninguém Tem Blog! project. Sorry about that.