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  Jesus 6011a08cdf v0.2.6 3 weeks ago
  Jesus 83af4ab0d7 Fix comment count not extracted sometimes 3 weeks ago
  Jesus 5594d017e2 Fix related vids, like_count, playlist sometimes missing 3 weeks ago
  Jesus 8f9c5eeb48 Fix 403s 1 minute into videos 3 weeks ago
  Jesus 89e21302e3 fix syntax error 3 weeks ago
  Jesus cb4ceefada Filter out translated audio tracks 3 weeks ago
  Jesus E c4cc5cecbf update 3 months ago
  Jesus E cc8f30eba2 Relax error and send error_code to template 3 months ago
  Jesus E 6740afd6a0 version 0.2.5 3 months ago
  Jesus E 63c0f4aa8f Fix typo 3 months ago
  Jesus E 8908dc138f Set related videos thumbnail to HQ 3 months ago
  Jesus E cd7624f2cb Set hqdefault thumnail images 3 months ago
  Jesus E 5d53225874 Fix pagination 3 months ago
  Jesus E 6af17450c6 update 3 months ago
  Jesus E d85c27a728 version 0.2.4 3 months ago
  Jesus E 344341b87f update 3 months ago
  Jesus E 21224c8dae fix conditional 3 months ago
  Jesus E 93b58efa0e Fix offset format 3 months ago
  Jesus E db08283368 Update token offset field 3 months ago
  Jesus E 0f4bf45cde Fix minor formatting issues 3 months ago
  Jesus E d7f934b7b2 Merge short and video parsing even further 3 months ago
  Jesus E a4299dc917 Merge short and video parsing 3 months ago
  Jesus E e6fd9b40f4 Fix parsing shorts 3 months ago
  Jesus E f322035d4a Add functional but preliminary channel tab support 3 months ago
  Jesus E 74907a8183 Music list extraction: read from SONG field 4 months ago
  Jesus E ec8f652bc8 Update 4 months ago
  Jesus E aa57ace742 Fix music list extraction 4 months ago
  Jesus E 512798366c Revert to android URLs and fix 403s by including params 4 months ago
  Jesus E 9859c5485e Only use android URLs if encrypted; they randomly go 403 4 months ago
  Jesus E e54596f3e9 Partially fix age restricted videos 4 months ago