Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jesús 9564ee30fe update gevent and update greenlet 6 months ago
  Jesús 6806146450 Fix CVE-2022-29361 7 months ago
  Jesús 5764586646 version 0.2.3 8 months ago
  Jesús aae1aec6ad update 8 months ago
  Jesús 91bdaa716c Remove M4A downloads feature of Planned features due RIAA issue 8 months ago
  Jesús 9a3a3c9c59 fix typo 8 months ago
  Jesús a736412fbd update 8 months ago
  Jesús 85860087b6 Fix missing id into input tag 8 months ago
  Jesús a19da4050c Fix self closing tag w3c issues 8 months ago
  Jesús c524eb16e5 Disable download by RIAA issues 8 months ago
  Jesus 6ba3959e40 version 0.2.2 10 months ago
  zrose584 7d767ff9ce copyTextToClipboard: support fullscreen 10 months ago
  zrose584 65e7d85549 onKeyDown: ignore plyr CustomEvents 10 months ago
  Jesus 599a09d7fc Set exact versions of packages from pip 10 months ago
  Jesús 6c29802eb7 fix figure tag of sc-video 1 year ago
  Jesús 6225dd085e set badge 1 year ago
  Jesús 0cbdc78c3c Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into master 1 year ago
  Jesús a1dd283832 Revert update plyr 1 year ago
  Jesús ed6c3ae036 Fevert update plyr 1 year ago
  Jesús 1fbc0cdd46 Fix preview_thumbnails 1 year ago
  James Taylor 263469cd30 Filter out noisy video routing requests in console 1 year ago
  James Taylor 79fd2966cd Extract captions base_url using different method when missing 1 year ago
  James Taylor dcd4b0f0ae Fix exception when _captions_base_url is not present 1 year ago
  Jesús e8cbc5074a [embed]: Fix undefined storyboard_url and add license 1 year ago
  James Taylor 4768835766 Fix failing exit node retry test 1 year ago
  James Taylor 3f4db4199c Fix error during exit blockage detection when Set-Cookie missing 1 year ago
  James Taylor 5260716d14 Fix MaxRetryErrors due to Tor exit node blockage 1 year ago
  Jesús 32d30bde9c update plyr config 1 year ago
  Jesús cd876f65e3 Update plyr module 1 year ago
  Jesús a2723d76cd update public instance 1 year ago