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  52. <h2><a id="contribute" name="contribute" style="margin-top:-50px; padding-bottom:50px; display:block;"></a>How To Contribute</h2>
  53. <p><strong>If you want to contribute, read this first:</strong></p>
  54. <ul>
  55. <li><strong>All of our contributions respect software freedom.</strong></li>
  56. <li><strong>Non-free software may slip into our system, despite all of our efforts. We will be vigilant, and we will remove non-free software as soon as we find it</strong></li>
  57. <li><strong>We demand there to be respect among community members.</strong></li>
  58. <li><strong>Do not discriminate against people based on age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ideology, ideas, social class, nationality, race, intelligence, or any analogous grounds.</strong></li>
  59. <li><strong>Do not curse or use harsh language here. Social norms differ from place to place; harsh language can deter people from our community.</strong></li>
  60. <li><strong>Do not insult others here. Disagree and challenge ideas instead.</strong></li>
  61. <br>
  62. <p><strong>If you have read and agreed on the above points </strong>, and would like to help us, then the next question is: what would you like to do?
  63. <br>You can help the Uruk project in many ways;
  64. we need people to write documentation, such as books, reference guides and online info; we also need people to write software, do research, and many other tasks.
  65. Because of all the different tasks at hand, we are confident that your particular skills can help the Uruk Project; you don't have to be an experienced software
  66. developer to help us. What skills and experience do you have? Do you have experience writing large and complex technical documents? Do you speak several
  67. human languages? Do you have a unique skill? Are you a Unix hacker, or are you still learning? Obviously, the answers to these questions
  68. will determine the sorts of jobs that you may want to attempt to do. For example, if you've never written any documentation then you probably don't want
  69. to attempt to write a C++ STL tutorial or reference. If you have little mathematical expertise then you probably won't want to work on a statistical analysis
  70. package.
  71. <br>
  72. <br><strong>If you find any issue,</strong>you can report it on the <a target="_blank" href="">Uruk Issue Tracker</a></p>
  73. </ul>
  74. <br>
  75. <br>
  76. <hr size=9>
  77. <p><h2>Project Members :</h2></p>
  78. <hr>
  79. <table class="table">
  80. <tbody>
  81. <tr>
  82. <td>Ali Abdul Ghani </td>
  83. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  84. </tr>
  85. <tr>
  86. <td>Hayder Majid</td>
  87. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  88. </tr>
  89. <tr>
  90. <td>Azzen Abidi</td>
  91. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  92. </tr>
  93. <tr>
  94. <td>Rosa</td>
  95. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  96. </tr>
  97. <tr>
  98. <td>Zakaria Mekki Belbali</td>
  99. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  100. </tr>
  101. <tr>
  102. <td>kzimmermann</td>
  103. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  104. </tr>
  105. <tr>
  106. <td>Ahmad Nourallah</td>
  107. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  108. </tr>
  109. </tbody>
  110. </table>
  111. <br>
  112. <br>
  113. <br>
  114. <br>
  115. <p><h2>Contributors:</h2></p>
  116. <table class="table">
  117. <tbody>
  118. <tr>
  119. <td>Tristan aka MangyDwg</td>
  120. <td>French translation of the websites and the Uruk GNU/Linux installer slideshows. </td>
  121. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  122. </tr>
  123. <tr>
  124. <td>SuperTramp83 (as a trisquel forum nickname)</td>
  125. <td>Italian translation of the websites, the Uruk GNU/Linux installer slideshows and the English texts corrections. </td>
  126. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  127. </tr>
  128. <tr>
  129. <td>Fouad Mahmmed</td>
  130. <td>Publishing the project and making complete previews and lessons about the Uruk GNU Linux distribution.</td>
  131. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  132. </tr>
  133. <tr>
  134. <td>Agchar Lahcen</td>
  135. <td>Publishing the project in Arab societies and through social media networks. </td>
  136. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  137. </tr>
  138. <tr>
  139. <td>Raddah Alzahrani</td>
  140. <td>Donating and buying the hosting space and domain for the project. </td>
  141. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  142. </tr>
  143. <tr>
  144. <td>Mustafa M. Wahhudi</td>
  145. <td>Publishing the project in Arab societies and through social media networks.</td>
  146. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  147. </tr>
  148. <tr>
  149. <td>Michael Tiebesl</td>
  150. <td>Publishing the Masalla icon theme and adding it to the AUR repository of the Arch GNU/Linux distribution. </td>
  151. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  152. </tr>
  153. <tr>
  154. <td>Dina Rushdi</td>
  155. <td>Making the audio file and the phonogram to indicate the correct pronunciation of the name “Uruk”.</td>
  156. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  157. </tr>
  158. <tr>
  159. <td>David Pizarro </td>
  160. <td>Spanish translation of the websites and the Uruk GNU/Linux installer slideshows.</td>
  161. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  162. </tr>
  163. <tr>
  164. <td>Mappack</td>
  165. <td>Dutch translation for the websites. </td>
  166. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50"></font></code></td>
  167. </tr>
  168. <tr>
  169. <td>Dr. Osama Ali Awad</td>
  170. <td>contributed to make first free software and Uruk project event in Iraq.</td>
  171. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50">‫‪‬‬</font></code></td>
  172. </tr>
  173. <tr>
  174. <td>Hamed Mohammed Sahib</td>
  175. <td>contributed to make first free software and Uruk project event in Iraq.</td>
  176. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50">‫‪‬‬</font></code></td>
  177. </tr>
  178. <tr>
  179. <td>Jafar Saeed Abdullah</td>
  180. <td>contributed to make first free software and Uruk project event in Iraq.</td>
  181. <td><code><font color ="2c3e50">‫‪‬‬</font></code></td>
  182. </tr>
  183. </tbody>
  184. </table>
  185. <hr />
  186. <!--<h2><a id="donate" name="donate" style="margin-top:-50px; padding-bottom:50px; display:block;"></a>Donate</h2>
  187. <p>We don't have a visa card yet :)).</p>-->
  188. </div>
  189. <div class="footer"><h6>&copy; 2018 Uruk project &bull; Website Code distributed under the AGPLv3+ &bull; Website media licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0</div>
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  193. <script src="../modules/bootstrap/lib/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
  194. <script src="../modules/bootstrap/lib/js/fastclick.min.js"></script>
  195. <script src="../modules/bootstrap/js/main.min.js"></script>
  196. </body>
  197. </html>