Source code for Uruk Porject and Uruk GNU/Linux Website.

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About urukprojectsites


This is the official repository of Uruk Porject and Uruk GNU/Linux websites.

and it's based on Peers

Uruk Project

The Uruk project is a highly motivated community of people sharing a strong interest in free culture and free society. We all help each other and share the common purpose of supporting and building free projects. The Uruk project provides a list of goals our members follow in order to promote and strengthen free (as in freedom!) software and culture.

Chat with us on in our channel #uruk-project OR

You can contact the main project managers useing this emails:

Ali Abdulghani(Ali Miracle)

Hayder Majid(Hayder Ctee)


Join us in mailing list, To subscribe to the list, just send a mail to — with subject : "subscribe" A mail is sent back to confirm the request. To unsubscribe, it's the same thing but with the subject being "unsubscribe". And to annoy the user till the end, confirmation is needed too. to Post in this list send your msg to


Code distributed under the AGPLv3+.
Media distributed under the CC BY-SA 4.0.