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  nipos 82ae0882d1 View state of ongoing polls,Fix some links,fix search for urls,add Chinese translation,update media API 3 years ago
  nipos c9bc7ecb30 Introduce BlurHash,repair YouPlay,improve link previews feature,add debug mode,add lighttpd example config,bug fixes 4 years ago
  Niklas Poslovski 308f0778ed Minor fix 5 years ago
  nipos e3a90b16ee Profile settings work again,various Firefox-only fixes,removed error if browser sends no language 5 years ago
  tsia df23c26345 fixed typo 5 years ago
  nipos 0c82b1e64e Added multiple language support,removed third party requests 5 years ago
  nipos ee5b30aa00 DO NOT UPDATE - Copy of current development state for another contributor to help with translations - NO ready to use version 5 years ago