LIbre Recommender SYstem API

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Libre Recommender System API


Clone the repository

git clone
cd code

Initiate Docker/SCONE Container

sudo docker login
sudo docker run --device=/dev/isgx --rm -it -v "$PWD":/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp sconecuratedimages/apps:python-3.5.4-alpine3.6 sh

Install extra dependecies on the container

apk update &&
apk add --no-cache bats libbsd openssl musl-dev build-base  &&
pip install numpy==1.14.5 &&
apk add freetype libgfortran libgcc libpng libstdc++ musl openblas tcl tk &&
pip install scikit-surprise==1.0.5 &&
apk add nano

Run the script with SCONE

SCONE_HEAP=16384M SCONE_VERSION=1 SCONE_MODE=HW SCONE_ALPINE=1 time python &> out_knnwithmeansHW.txt

Basic Architecture of the API