Read the whole valadoc offline on your computer!

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My Valadoc

Makes all valadoc books available offline on your computer.

What you need

  • Devhelp - GNOME's documentation reader
  • An internet connection
  • (A bunch of standard tools like tar wget and bunzip2 which are available on most distributions. If you don't know you don't have them, you probably already have them.)


In the first few lines of the script you can specify the destination directory $DESTDIR of the script. This is where the script will download the books into. Not that the final unpacked devhelp books will land in a subfolder $DESTDIR/books as this is where devhelp expects to find them.

With the other variable $VALADOC you can specify is the adress of valadoc. Maybe this is useful when valadoc moves to another mirror as it has happened in early- to mid-2016.

Offline data woohoo!


This script is licensed under WTFPL-1.0 WTFPL

But if you used and liked the script and you meet me and you feel like inviting me on a beer, I won't be mad either.