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Welcome to the op-mattermost wiki!

About op-mattermost

An integration between OpenProject and Mattermost. Currently, supports logging time for a work-package, create and delete work-package, get and delete time logs in OpenProject using a slash command (/op) created in Mattermost.

Why develop op-mattermost?

The integration is needed for logging time for work done in a friendly and convenient way through a bot conversation. Also, it is useful in tasks such as create and delete work package, view and delete time logs for a user and others. More use cases can potentially be supported through slash commands or a plugin.

Why OpenProject and Mattermost?

OpenProject is an open source project management tool available for enterprises. Mattermost is also a libre and open source communication tool which supports bots and integrations useful for teams. OpenProject integration for Mattermost serves as a convenient way to use project management features through a simplified chat with bots. The comprehensive RESTful API documentation for both OpenProject and Mattermost makes development, deployment and testing seamless. OpenProject and Mattermost packages are maintained by community and is open source, which makes its code and processes transparent for the public audit, bug fixes and review.

Tools and libraries used

op-mattermost is a Node Express application written in JavaScript ES6. It depends on node modules as mentioned here under the dependencies. Unit testing is managed through Mocha, Chai and Sinon npm packages. The integration is deployable as a Node package on Linode, AWS or other cloud platforms.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used

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