A(nother) dot file manager. https://gearsix.net/dotfm

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dotfm - a simple script to manage dotfiles.

dotfm [-h] [-d] [-v] [-q] COMMAND DOTFILE...

dotfm is designed to be simple and easy to use. It's really just a
short-hand for managing symlinks of dotfiles (it's also helpful if
you don't want to remember or type out the location of a dotfile
everytime you want to modify it).

-h --help Displays help printout
-d --debug Display debug logs
-v --version Display dotfm version
-q --quiet Tell dotfm to shutup (hide info logs)

Multiple DOTFILE args can be passed to each command.

install ...
create a symlink from DOTFILE to it's install location. DOTFILE
should be the filepath of the dotfile to install.

If DOTFILE is recognised by dotfm, then a symlink will be created
at the known install location.

If DOTFILE is not recognised by dotfm, then you'll be prompted for
an install location and aliases to reference the dotfile by when
using dotfm.

remove ...
Remove the file at the install location of the dotfile with an alias
matching DOTFILE. This is a destructive function, use it carefully.

Will only remove the file if the file has been installed by dotfm
(and can be found in DOTFM CSV FILE).

edit ...
Open DOTFILE in $EDITOR or nano if $EDITOR is not present.

DOTFILE should be an alias of the dotfile to edit.

list [...]
Print a table of the install locations and aliases for all
dotfiles. If one or more DOTFILE arguments are present, then only
dotfiles with matching aliases will be listed.

Go to the source folder of dotfm and run "sudo make install" or "sudo
make link".

"sudo make install" - copy dotfm to the install location (recommended
for most users).

"sudo make link" - create a symlink of dotfm from its current location
to the install location (useful if you want to modify it frequently).

By default the install location of dotfm is /usr/local/bin/dotfm. To
modify this, just edit the value of DESTBINDIR in the Makefile.

Go to the source folder of dotfm and run "sudo make uninstall".

EDITOR The text editor to edit dotfiles with. If not present,
nano will be used.

I would recommend modifying the "KNOWN DOTFILES" array in src/ dotfm.py
to suite your own needs.

If you can think of more standard-dotfiles that you think
should be present in "KNOWN DOTFILES" feel free to get in touch and
contribute to the list.

- gearsix = original author
- marta dias - https://www.instagram.com/marta.dias.z/ = contributed the wonderful logo