latest versions of the fig programming language and the fig os operating system

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LICENSE 8fa9465d56 Initial commit 1 year ago 665f133fa6 Update '' 5 months ago db0264db3a alex 2.3 -- latest version as of mar 2018 1 year ago f5fc48cc9c ; a couple of fixes, e.g. which, repeated help prompt 8 months ago bb61ca6dfc ; minor tweak / improvement of 2.4 6 months ago b318456dcb ; --fsortplusnows is to fsortplus what diff -w is to diff 6 months ago a0540350f5 groupbyleft, isoleft, isoright 4 months ago f15b0bee80 isogroup, isonotleft, isonotright, arrlen, groupsortlen 3 months ago 16cc1c8af9 isogroupnotonly, groupminlen, groupmaxlen 3 months ago 7f81a7eb91 inksearch 2 months ago
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el3ZRly.png 570c7cc6a0 el3ZRly.png 1 year ago b37e58cc6c fig 4.6: edited may 2018 to point to python2 1 year ago af902e9c99 1 year ago
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fmchartr.txt d2cf037340 free media alliance charter 0.1 | f82eb575fdb242fc523cefccf2ecfbf4038f4cfe9576ddd215ecc006e81a9b52 1 year ago
fmchrtr2.txt f2ea654525 free media alliance charter 0.2 | 6f6ae2e88424712c40ee0ea1af4f2d9d040560481eb8b9c7f7401ac9883c52a0 1 year ago
mkdlibre01.fig fbb596caa4 mkdlibre01.fig -- first version 9 months ago
mkdlibre02.fig c51bcac70f mkdlibre02.fig -- up to 5 distros now, including devuan and refracta 8 months ago
mkfigos28.fig aea7698477 mkfigos 2.8: most recent (refracta-based) version of fig os-- as of apr 2018 1 year ago
mkfigos29.fig 1cdc2d782a mkfigos 2.9: first version based on void linux 1 year ago
mkfigos30.fig b28a079b2e mkfigos 3.0: integrates vpa 0.1 1 year ago
mkfreemos01.fig 06aa55be6e mkfreemos 0.1 9 months ago
tal.fig 50e70c676c tal.fig: use with fsortplus to tally filetype size usage 7 months ago
vpa.fig dbe7f40cfe vpa 0.1 -- void package access 1 year ago


latest versions of the fig programming language and the fig os operating system

fig is an educational programming language implemented in python 2.

mkfigos is a remaster script to automatically convert a refracta iso into fig os, implemented in the fig programming language.

lead developer: figosdev

special thanks to:

  • allytonx

  • fsmithred, lead refracta developer