Veil server

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This is code of Veil server-side. A project which tries to censor inappropriate images for users.


  • /: Retrieve a list of sites an pages with inappropriate images. No arguments.

  • /vote: Vote for a page or site because of having inappropriate images. IP address is recorded for each vote. site's hostname(optionally with port) or page's address must be passed as addr.

  • /unvote: Remove vote for a page or site. Argument: addr(See /vote)

  • /panel: See the administration panel. Requires tomato or admin level.

  • /login: Login page.

  • /logout: Logout via this.

  • /addadmin: Add a new admin for the system. Requires tomato level.


Create a Python class named BSConfig inside a file named The class must have the following properties:

  • db_path: Path to the LMDB DB(It will create one if there is no file with such name there.

  • bindto: The IP address of the system it should bind to.

  • port: The port it should listen to. The Veil client connects to port 6101.

  • tomato_pwd_hash: Hash of your tomato's password(SHA512)

  • templates_path: Path to the directory containing panel.html, login.html and addadmin.html template files.

See for an example.


It is under ISC licence(as permissive as MIT). See LICENSE.