We buy unknown items and nodes from you!(Minetest mod)

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Unknown Buyer

We buy unknown items from you!

Server's admin has disabled a mod and you have some unknown items in your stock? It doesn't matter because we buy unknown items from you and give you random items! This mod gives the user random stuff for every 10 unknown item which user has.It doesn't have any craft recipe so just admins can have these. random items could be changed with changing source code, there is an array named bonus_items and you should specify chance of each item.


for Admins

Get one with /giveme and place it where players can use it.

for Players

Right click with at least 10 unknown items and get your bonus spawned in front of the chest.


Code is under ISC and textures are from default mod of minetest_game under CC BY-SA 3.0


  • Farooq Karimi Zadeh (code)
  • BlockMen (chest textures)


  • a GUI to dynamically add/remove bonus items.