mkfs.fat -m's graphical alternative! This draws a 16x16 sprite when you boot your storage.

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drawlogo86 can live in your storage's boot sector and show a (not so) fancy 16x16 picture when you boot it, nice for data (micro/mini)SDs, flash memories, floppies. similar to mkfs.fat's -m but shows a small image instead of a text message.

Oh and let's not forget, drawlogo86 is for 80286+ processors


A screenshot of it running in QEMU with my ugly picture! drawlogo86 running in QEMU


WARNING! There is absolutely NO WARRANTY and there is risk of losing data, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

To make it working on your storage(let's say a floppy containing your data) you need to know what are you doing.

First of all get a copy of your data if you care about them. You need nasm and dd if you are on Unix or partcopy if you are using Windows/DOS. depending on your filesystem, you should change first line and two last lines of drawlogo86.asm. Also modify file which contains colors of pixels, there is 256 color for each pixel and a pixel's color can be 0x00 to 0xFF. You should also know about the file system which you are using(e.g. where boot code does start and where does it end?)

Example for FAT32 filesystem: the first line(containing org) will be org 0x7c00 + 90 (because boot code in FAT32 starts from offest 90). two last lines will be times 420 - ($-$$) db 0(FAT32 allows up to 420 bytes boot code) and ;dw 0xAA55. then assemble it using nasm drawlogo86.asm and now copy it to your storage using dd if=drawlogo86 of=/dev/sdh obs=1 seek=90.

I repeat, you MUST know what are you doing and there is RISK OF DATA LOSE, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


This is free software under MIT/X11 and comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, see LICENSE for more details.

Bug Report/Questions/Contribute/etc

Use NotABug(Issues for Bug Report and Questions and Pull Requests for Contributing) or email me.