Bash History Analyzer

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Bash History Analyzer or BHA is a small script written in Python to Analyze your Bash history and show you which programs are more recent and which are less.

It may work with history files of other shells such as the plain sh or zsh.


BHA is free software under GNU GPL 3+ (see LICENSE)


Usage is simple: bha [history_file]

history_file: path of your bash history file and by default it's ~/.bash_history


Result of BHA is something like this:

ls: 25.0% (9/36)
bash: 13.89% (5/36)
echo: 13.89% (5/36)
bha: 13.89% (5/36)
wget: 13.89% (5/36)
aria2c: 5.56% (2/36)
rm: 2.78% (1/36)
clear: 2.78% (1/36)
zip: 2.78% (1/36)
mkdir: 2.78% (1/36)
unzip: 2.78% (1/36)
other commands: 

% of other: 0.0% (0/36)