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nasin musi telo

$ make

toki pona

toki ni li nasin musi telo. wile la ona li ken nasin e musi sina. ona li tawa kalama musi, taso mute ante li ken. lipu mute mute li lon. ona la sike mute li lon. sina ken pali e ijo mute lon nasin mute. jan wan li ken musi. jan mute li ken musi. nasin mute pi lukin lipu li lon. jan ante li ken musi e sike ante. jan al eli ken musi e sike wan. jan wan li ken kalama e sike ante lon tenpo ante. jan wan li ken kalama e sike ale lon tenpo wan. nasin ante li ken lon li pona. nasin ale li pona tawa lipu ni. ona li lawa ala e musi sina. lipu li nasin taso e ona. sina ken pali e wile sina. o musi pona!

mi pali e lipu ni lon tenpo mun pi ilo lipu. ona li lili. tenpo lili la mi kepeken ona. tan ni la mi sona ala e ni: ona li pona ala pona? tenpo kama la mi wile pali e kalama musi mute kepeken ona.

taso, nasin pi lipu ni li pona tawa mi. nimi pi mute lili li lon toki pona la nimi ale li ken toki e ijo mute. ni li pona tawa musi; jan li ken wan e nimi e pilin ona li ken kama e ijo sin.

ilo ni li kepeken ilo Racket li kepeken ilo LaTeX.


nasin musi telo is a set of loose creative games (or prompts) in Toki Pona, created for National Novel Generation Month . The goal is to use the broadness resulting from Toki Pona's vocabulary to provide more open-ended inspiration for music and other art without being too vague to be useful.

Each page is arranged into seven sike (circles, or cycles) of two to seven basic sentences. Pages are arranged like this to allow a variety of different structures for interpretation; multiple musicians could interpret different cycles at the same time, or one musician could create themes for every one of them. All interpretations are equally correct.

I haven't played with the results of this document too much yet, so it's possible there are some refinements to make in the future.

This project requires Racket and LaTeX to run. Some other packages may need to be installed. You can find a generated PDF in the releases.