Movie Night chat bridge

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This projects aims to create a bridge for the chat programed used in MoveNight. So far, this is work in progress. At the moment it is a simple IRC server that relays messages back and forth. Unfortunately, error handling is abscent, and errors from the MoveNight chat are not propagated. But hey, it kinda works.

Basic usage

By default, the ircd binds on port 6667 on all the available addresses. Use the command line options --port and --host to change that.

The command line option --url specifies the URL for the MovieNight chat server (usually it is wss://movie-night-domain/ws).

To produce logs set the env variables PLTSTDOUT or PLTSTDERR to "warning" or "info". See the Racket docs on loggers for details.

Prebuilt binaries

Coming soon...

Requirements & building

This developement is known to work on Racket v7.5 with packages:

  • rfc6455 (websockets implementation, try raco pkg install rfc6455)

Build it with raco make main.rkt and run racket main.rkt. Or: build native with raco exe main.rkt.


  • Support for the user list. Specifically:
    • Handle WHO better
    • Handle nickname changes TODO: so far we only handle nickname changes incoming from movie night
  • Better handling of error messages. E.g. in case of an invalid nickname, return the ERR_ and kill the connection to the client
  • Handle /me actions
  • Unfuck the HTML
  • TESTS!!11