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  Emilia Blåsten a281de9bcc Give a short description of the centroid in the readme 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten ba645b6ee1 Add command-line parameter for toggling drawing the centroid line 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 8305e124a0 Add description for command line option -f and -v 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten ceb5221d73 Zero-initialize centroids 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten ac76e4609a Draw lines from centroid to centroid 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 4708eb1b78 Fix possible missing index in loop 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten f8b3101404 Fix frequency lines being drawn also in bottom left box 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten c1d44427d9 Draw frequency lines from x0 to x1, simpler 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten de6faa0592 Calculate and display centroid as pixels 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 402abcae7b Fix program name in various locations 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten e159641e89 Plot line at a given frequency 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 29183dcdee Test coloring a certain pixel a certain color in the spectrogram 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten f2e9bb8a03 Update readme about -sf option 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 08bbcf0bda Mention in help that several -fl options can be used simultaneously 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 0e0f805b14 Add copyright for 2019 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 1cf832bc89 Removed default female range lines 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 4946abc1ed Allow drawing multiple frequency lines from command line input 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 6a22afc762 Add option for drawing a line at a given frequency 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 38d78f448c Allow building a debug version in Makefile 4 years ago
  Emily 5e509d42d4 Make defaults show a higher range of frequencies 5 years ago
  Emily 7ab27c6ac3 Remove binary compiled file that sneaked in 5 years ago
  Emily 852e1678c0 Make sure the code-segment in markdown won't be highlighted wrongly 5 years ago
  Emily 7bc7ae10bf Ignore temporary emacs files 5 years ago
  Emily 11ea6220bc License the project properly 5 years ago
  Emily 874e2d45ab Remove the screenshot file 5 years ago
  Emily dccff30a25 Completely rewire the readme 5 years ago
  Emily 60db65bc59 Rename project Simple Spectrogram, or sspect 5 years ago
  Emily 4c10a033de Remove executable bit from text files 5 years ago
  Emily 9be3817be1 Make frequency lines displayed by right mouse button brighter 5 years ago
  Emily c41d6a2e61 Allow changing the input device number from the command line 5 years ago