Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Emily de82c60e65 Show lower amplitude sound better 5 years ago
  Emily 3202f1aba0 Make defaults even better for showing static 5 years ago
  Emily 64f1365f09 Make default colormode black and purple 5 years ago
  Emily 4a8471958e Make default sample number more sane for voice practice 5 years ago
  Emily 01079a2c1a Add 175Hz, 220Hz and 262Hz lines 5 years ago
  Emily 47d40d4c8b Make tar creation depend on everything 5 years ago
  Emily 0dbe0abe7d De-Alexify the documentation 5 years ago
  Emily 89e6e5659a Remove issue list from cpp file 5 years ago
  Emily 1e4bd31d99 Ignore binary files in git 5 years ago
  Emily 6a8736de11 Remove glscope from project 5 years ago
  Emily ff4318be5b Remove binary file 5 years ago
  ahbarnett 9d8d80a723 bundled glscope 7 years ago
  ahbarnett fe291e8724 all working, screenshot 7 years ago
  ahbarnett d606c744cc initial commit, not updated libraries 7 years ago
  Alex Barnett ac18d44aa4 Initial commit 7 years ago