Configuration files for git, GNU nano and screen.

Emilia L.K. Blåsten 70bd916774 Use dracula in tmux 1 week ago
termux_shortcuts_boot 929bb0e156 Add termux shortcuts for agenda, biblio, gnus, daemon 1 year ago
.gitignore 70b049288a Let git ignore backup files starting and ending with # 1 year ago
LICENSE 8a51605437 Init commit 8 years ago 2c440ed315 Update readme 3 months ago
emacs 8eded72bf3 Make \ part of words in latex 1 week ago
gitconfig f88799cb4d Make git remember typed passwords for 24h or until logged out 1 year ago
gnus.el 4f62418b88 Sort article view with newest on top 1 month ago
nanorc 046fed6648 Change nano options based on 'new' defaults 1 year ago
screenrc 02ab769a0d Use xterm-256 colors + truecolor in screen 1 year ago
termux-mailcap 82fb449bc3 Mailcap makes viewing attachments in gnus work under termux 2 months ago 7c30f6279a Have function keys as extra row 3 months ago
tmux.conf 70bd916774 Use dracula in tmux 1 week ago


Configuration files for git, GNU nano, Emacs, termux, tmux and screen.