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Dayalan Saravanan 304a5b1529 pdf file for chi-squared statistic 5 days ago
Apr_20 0ba3fc0321 answers to question set 1 2 months ago
Apr_21 5d3497d7bb program to round float values 2 months ago
Apr_22 31e211d628 program to print patterns in diamond 2 months ago
Apr_24 5b127ed722 program to solve a row of a sudoku puzzle 2 months ago
Apr_27 d70b03fef8 program to plot mean and std deviation from the dataframe 2 months ago
Apr_28 6b5021c07f Building_Permits.csv remove 2 months ago
Apr_29 5676fd4dca G4 dataset 2 months ago
Apr_30 6445b11795 growth rate pdf file 2 months ago
DataSet 67f3633497 covid_19 data set 1 month ago
Feb_20 b18577ac2b initialise directory 2 months ago
Feb_24 913b044b99 Bash script to read input from user and write/append to a file 4 months ago
Feb_26 7a3277f182 bash script to analyze adult.csv 2 months ago
Feb_27 0371dd048c script to generate Fibbonaci series 2 months ago
Feb_28 c35fa7ed98 readme text 2 months ago
Jul_01 34b362ef94 program to print date and time 1 week ago
Jul_02 c8de024c1f pdf file for exception assignment 6 days ago
Jun_03 6649fdeb6c linear regression analysis 1 month ago
Jun_12 ff9688d16e plot from script worldmap.R 1 month ago
Jun_13 5a182655e7 text file of Medicinal Plants state wise 4 weeks ago
Jun_17 ef01836566 calculation of fare based on passenger's class 2 weeks ago
Jun_22 d554dd8321 java program to print a string 2 weeks ago
Jun_23 2cd79f0b76 program to read name and age and write 2 weeks ago
Jun_24 53f2780774 pdf file for conditional and looping assignment 2 weeks ago
Jun_25 f1cd5b7579 program to generate password with numbers 2 weeks ago
Jun_26 1f218200ec program to get N users name and age and display them 2 weeks ago
Jun_29 505cf62d32 program to perform arithmetic operations with two integers 1 week ago
Jun_30 55997f5ee2 pdf file for inheritance assignment 1 week ago
Mar_02 08b59bcc2a readme text 2 months ago
Mar_03 6be474e689 Assignment on 03/03/2020 2 months ago
Mar_04 de39c39639 readme text 2 months ago
Mar_05 39d25700a3 readme text 2 months ago
Mar_06 03f724e961 readme text 2 months ago
Mar_09 adc1342cd0 result text 2 months ago
Mar_11 c1f7ee7b4b readme text 2 months ago
Mar_12 e44661cd48 readme text 2 months ago
Mar_13 158b189c37 another script to find multiplicative presistance 2 months ago
Mar_16 6c92dc8001 intitialise class 16/03/2020 2 months ago
Mar_17 1952e26f0f intitialise class 17/03/2020 2 months ago
Mar_18 5bc0fce263 initialise class 18/03/2020 2 months ago
Mar_19 c30da7c551 script to plot iris dataset using seaborn 1 month ago
May_01 12b6a493fe Norway pdf file 2 months ago
May_04 a47738644a pdf file for poisson solution 1 month ago
May_05 304a5b1529 pdf file for chi-squared statistic 5 days ago
May_14 b1e7785663 What is Machine Learning slides 1 month ago
May_19 fcf56a1116 script to compute chisquare with pandas dataframe 1 month ago
May_27 f4f52d6102 pca analysis in python 1 month ago
May_29 80fd5f3315 dataset for k-means 1 month ago
Presentation1 e266ab3abc latex file for presentation 2 months ago