This repository contains an awesome list for GNU Guile.

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In software development circles there is a culture of creating so called "awesome lists". Those lists contain links to all kinds of resources for a topic, which can be as broadly defined as "computer science", "software development", "software engineering" or as specific as a single programming language or an area of application of programming languages such as "web development", "machine learning". Probably such lists exist for many other things than programming as well. Here is what not to expect from this list:

  • comprehensiveness or completeness
  • being finished
  • always containing the most up to date links to relevant projects
  • containing the links to the best options for all purpose or goal

While those things might be desirable, the list is a community effort. It is up to the author and community to share their knowledge. No one knows everything there is to know and new projects are initiated frequently.

The following list is such an "awesome list" for the programming language GNU Guile. Its purpose is to make it easy for people to find tutorials, examples, libraries or other knowledge about GNU Guile.

Contribution guide

Anyone, who knows something, that should be added to the list, is welcome to suggest edits or make pull requests.

Pull requests

Please make pull requests with changes at least to the org file, which serves as the source file, from which the other list files are made. The reason is, that changes to only the other exported list files might disappear, once they are made again from the source org file, which could cause them to be lost or forgotten.

If you do not wish to edit the org file, consider, that the org file is just a plain text file with a rather intuitive syntax. If that still does not convince you, you could also send the maintainer of the list your suggested additions to the list via e-mail or by opening an issue or other ways of contacting. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

The list

The list is here.